Are you a parent looking for a safe, fun, and nurturing environment for your child (aged 5 and up) to learn music? Are you searching for a patient and skilled teacher for your grandchildren? Our teaching studio is bright, comfortable, safe, and inspiring for all ages of learners. We have taught thousands of young beginning students over the last 27 years. Our goal for beginners at the 'shed is to instill a lifelong appreciation for music while helping to develop foundational skills in harmony, melody, rhythm, reading, and most importantly; playing and sharing music with a community of peers. Scientific studies have shown that children who study an instrument develop advanced neural pathways between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. We have found that music stimulates our abilities to both think logically/analytically, and also creatively. Early music studies have been proven to give children an advantage in their studies at school. The study of music helps us in our understanding of many other subjects. Participation in our ensembles and group classes enables students to build community through their shared interest in music.

Are you an adult with an interest in learning how to play, but don't quite know where to start with the instrument? Our program will gently guide you on the right path to a better understanding of the instrument. We can help ground you in the technical basics of playing while creating a custom course of study that fits your individual interests in music. We can help you to start playing the music and songs that you love.

Contact us to schedule a trial lesson/interview to see why the 'shed is the music school of choice in Niagara County for beginners and their families.