Have you been playing guitar for a while now and are not sure what the next step in your musical development is? Do you have your open position chords under your fingers and an understanding of how barre (bar) chords work? Perhaps you can play a few fingerings of some scales, but want a better idea on how to incorporate these scales in your own playing. Can you play a few songs, but find yourself always playing the same thing the same way? Are you stuck when it comes to soloing in different keys? Are you curious about what the modes are and need to find a practical and easy to understand way to actually apply these to your own playing? Are you stuck with not knowing all of the notes on the fretboard? We can help you to build upon the foundation you have built and help you look towards the future while helping you to continue to develop good habits in your own practice and playing. At this stage in your playing, we work on continuing to develop your chord vocabulary, we make sure that we refine your ability to play scales in all keys in all positions of the fretboard (and most importantly, how to make music with these scales), we also make sure that your ability to play in time with a drummer/metronome is being continually addressed and refined. All of these skills are reinforced through playing, analysis, and creative exercises that have been developed to help you make faster progress as a player. Please feel free to set up a trial lesson to help you take an objective look at your present strengths, to identify your weaknesses, and to set up a game plan to help you transcend your current abilities. We provide a supportive and fun environment to continue your growth as a player.