Jason Beaudreau is the head instructor and founder of the Guitar Woodshed. Jason began his formal musical studies in 1979 with weekly private organ/piano lessons. In 1985, Jason switched his concentration from the keyboard to the guitar and electric bass. Since that time, he has followed a daily, and at times very rigorous, musical practice.

  With a formal training that continues through today, Jason has been fortunate enough to study guitar with a who's who list of world-class players and educators. Jason holds a terminal Master of Fine Arts degree (2013) in Guitar Performance, Pedagogy, and Music Technology from a small private college in rural Vermont with a reputation for nurturing some of the biggest names in the performing arts. In addition, he holds  Bachelor of Science degrees, 1995 (both Magna cum Laude) in Jazz Guitar Performance, and in Music Theory and Composition from a music school located just outside of New York City with a rigorous jazz performance and composition program.

   As an educator, Jason has found himself teaching the instrument in a wide variety of settings. In 1989, Jason began teaching a small handful of friends. From 1990-'93, Jason was the staff guitar/bass teacher with a full roster at Garf's Music in Lewiston, New York. He left Garf's to move towards NYC to finish his undergraduate degrees, and continued his teaching practice while studying and travelling. He has taught in many music stores, schools and in his private studios throughout the East coast consistently. Jason opened the Guitar Woodshed in 2000.

   From 2002-2013, Jason was adjunct professor of music in the music departments of two local colleges in the WNY area. During these years, Jason taught thousands of students from beginners up through graduating seniors of Associates and Bachelor of Music programs. Many of his students were able to transfer to prestigious undergraduate and graduate music programs throughout the country. Jason developed and taught guitar-specific and music courses during the time he worked in higher education. These courses included: Guitar Ensemble, Jazz Guitar, Funk Guitar, Fusion Guitar, Blues Guitar, Classic Rock Guitar, Modern Rock Guitar, Classical Guitar, Improvisation, Music Technology, Music Theory, Composition and others. This was in addition to teaching private lessons to music majors, and serving as a mentor/advisor to students as they considered the next stage in their musical development.

    From 2004-2012, Jason was a faculty member at the world renowned National Guitar Workshop (NGW) at their main campus in New Milford, CT. The National Guitar Workshop was recognized internationally as being one of the worlds strongest guitar and music educational programs. Students would travel from all over the globe to study during the summer in an intense, immersive environment with an elite, hand-picked faculty of dedicated educators. During this time, Jason was able to perform with and learn from some of the biggest and most recognizable names in the jazz, rock, classical, and acoustic guitar communities. As part of his teaching contract, Jason was required to participate in all master classes/workshops with guest artists. These experiences provided him with a unique, world-class educational experience that is extremely rare. The ability to study consistently for an extended period of years with top level performers, and to teach high levels of students on an international scale was an incredible blessing that has shaped his abilities on the stage, in the studio, and in the classroom. These years at the workshop, more than any other formative experience, helped refine his knowledge of pedagogy, and continued to sharpen his skills as a multi-faceted performer. Jason had students travel from all over the planet each summer in order to continue their studies with him.

  As a performer, Jason has played throughout the United States in a large variety of musical styles as both a guitarist and electric bassist. From large concert halls, to recording studios, to small clubs/bars, Jason has found himself enjoying many diverse musical opportunities. From solo classical guitar, to big band jazz, chamber jazz, jazz fusion, punk rock, heavy metal,  jam bands, reggae, Latin, bluegrass, polka, r and b, singer songwriter, celtic, blues, country, and many more styles, Jason has a reputation for being able to professionally deliver a refined and stylistically correct performance.

   As a composer, his compositions have been sought out by the international dance community. His collaborative pieces for dance have been performed with companies with profiles on national and international levels.  His work as a sound designer has found him working in theatre on an international level. As a sound/mixing/mastering engineer, Jason has been hunched over medium format consoles, discrete analog gear, and DAW's since 1988, and has produced many albums of his own and of other artists.

  In addition to his work in music, Jason has been studying the martial arts since 1979. Jason currently teaches Aikido/Jujutsu at his Dojo in Niagara Falls, NY.

Jason is proud to be an artist endorsee of D'Addario Strings