Have you always wondered how music is produced? Do you have questions about how to make your own recordings? Do you have song ideas in your head that you want to realize and share on social media? Are you interested in learning about cutting edge ideas in sound design and production? Our music production courses at the 'shed are custom tailored to help each group/individual to better understand the creative process and technical tools used in today's music production.

    With training in music production that began in 1988, Jason Beaudreau has continued his studies in the classic techniques of audio recording and received a formal graduate school training in 20th and 21st century music production, sound practice, and audio culture. We can help you produce your own beats, dig deep into microsound and spectral synthesis, refine your mixing skills, learn how to better write your own songs, refine your abilities to compose to film, work with you on sound design for video games, and many other things. Please feel free to inquire about your music production needs, and to receive a schedule of upcoming classes!