In addition to weekly private lessons at the 'shed, our ensembles and group classes play an important role in the educational process. Playing with peers helps us to forge and develop new friendships, helps us refine our musical skills, and allows you to put into play the topics you have been practicing at home and in your private lessons. Our ensembles and group classes have enjoyed many public performances throughout the region, and many have used these performances as springboards for their playing careers. We recommend that all students taking private lessons consider participating in a weekly group/ensemble. This is an important way to build community, have fun, and learn how to play with other musicians!

  We offer guitar ensembles, rock ensembles, and other special interest classes as demand calls for them. Our group classes and ensembles are custom tailored to place students of matching ages and abilities in a supportive and fun environment.  Some of the classes we have offered in the past have been: Funk Guitar, Fusion Guitar, Jazz Improvisation, Music Theory, Music Production, Rock Guitar, Fretboard Knowledge, and others. We are always interested in presenting new offerings. If you have an idea for a class you would like to see offered at the 'shed, please feel free to drop us a line!